Sunday, October 25, 2009

Because i never change

I was born in a village,
small and secretive like a womb,
i never left it,
and i never shy.

I have been brought away,
to a place feel like a home,
but i feel rejected,
hatred, animosity,
but, i can be me..

I feel always wanted to touch the sky,
where it hangs zillion of stars,
but star will remain a star,
it will never change,
it still a pebbles in the field of the sky.

I am still following the children,
who walks inside me.

A bit of tranquility i need,
let me flow with the blow,
just put aside yourself,
tonight, i want to row the ship lonely.

I have love and dreams,
which i put myself between them,
and discover the world,
which i wish i would beg for a space,
but just let it be here,
in my own village.

I was running while screaming,
I chase the cat who eats my mom's salted fish,
I was walking on my two arms,
I bleed my palm,
I laugh a lot,
I was irritating with the mocking birds,
I was excited with the 7.00 p.m Doraemon,
I was slept early at 9.00 p.m,
because its school tomorrow.

I wake up alone,
I brush my teeth,
because no one ask me,
I laugh alone with the Breakfast Show,
because I'm raising my mood,
I eat with my friends,
because I have to.

I prefer being alone,
I like the greens,
I hate the hot days,
I surf the nets for new books,
which i dont have money to buy,
I fail to finished my work,
I left my office at 5,
I do same things tomorrow.

I craving for the past,
I talk to myself when I'm standing in front of the mirror,
I narrate my own childhood story,
I lock the door when I'm mad,
I scrub the rubber away from dad's hand when i want an ice-cream,
I call the police to make fun of them,
I run as fast as i can to grab the phone when its ringing.

My childhood is a village,
I will never cross its boundaries,
no matter how far i go.

Because i never change..

Because i never change..